What’s the client’s activity?

SONILS operates in the Oil & Gas market.

What were the client’s needs?

SONILS needed to restructure and optimize the physical platform on virtualization and storage, in order to increase the quality and reliability of the IT systems and also to add a Disaster Recovery Component.

What was the implemented solution?

The project consisted in:

– Adding new Flex System IBM knots and memory to the existing ones

– Adding more Storage enclosures

– Re-setting the IBM PureFlex systems platform, Storage and SAN

– Re-setting the VMWare Vsphere and Vcenter

– Introducing and setting VMWare SRM for Disaster Recovery

How did the solution help solving client’s issues?

The implemented solution allowed a significant improvement on the response and the IT systems capacity, as well as increased computational power, bigger storage capacity, and business continuity is guaranteed if any disaster occurs in the main Data Center.